TreePeople among L.A. area organizations offering free STEM education courses to youth

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Task Force on Out-of-School Enrichment Time this month announced a city-wide partnership, with the support of the Broad Foundation, bringing together 26 of Los Angeles’s STEM organizations to offer free STEM courses for…

By Christyne Imhoff

TreePeople has been distributing fruit trees since 1984, focusing on areas of LA County known as food deserts. These areas have limited access to grocery stores selling fresh fruits and vegetables and include South LA, Southeast LA and the Northeast San Fernando Valley. …

Four Ways to Involve Your Company with TreePeople’s Teams for Trees Program

By Christyne Imhoff

When the coronavirus hit, TreePeople had to stop our beloved volunteer events, including our private events for corporate groups. Until we understood more and could safely ensure the well-being of staff and participants, TreePeople took…

TreePeople volunteers in Huntingon Park, CA.

To all of our wonderful volunteers who make our work possible: welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. We’ve missed you! Back in January, we announced that we had BIG plans for 2020, and even though COVID-19 admittedly threw a wrench into things, we still do. …

The Chaparral Needs Your Help… And Together We Can Fight Fire

By Adam Corey Thomas

It is 2 am on an unpleasantly warm but predictably unnerving autumn night. The Santa Ana winds are roaring through the hills and valleys of Southern California. Throughout Los Angeles, residents are on edge. It…


TreePeople is Los Angeles’ largest environmental nonprofit movement. We inspire, engage and support people to take responsibility for the urban environment.

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